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Looking back at Bolton


Looking Back at Bolton takes us back to the very origins of Bolton and follows its growth through the centuries. It recalls the days when the first church was built overlooking the river Croal;  when passenger boats plied the canal from Bolton to Manchester; when Barrow Bridge was hailed as a model village; and reveals how the inventions of Richard Arkwright and Samuel Crompton transformed Bolton.
The DVD also looks into the darker side of Bolton’s history, with a bloody battle at Blackrod between Ancient Britons and Saxons; the Civil War battle that ended in the Bolton Massacre; the Fylde Street Disaster; and the Winter Hill plane crash.
We also discover how jannock bread became a staple of the Bolton diet; why Bolton Council were once known as the Forty Thieves; why criminals convicted in Great Bolton could find sanctuary in Little Bolton; and why Winter Hill was vital to the town’s development.