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Yorkshire The County At War


On Sunday 3rd September 1939 Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announced to a stunned nation that Britain was at war with Germany. His sombre broadcast marked the start of what was to be the most wide-ranging conflict in human history. City children were plucked from families and sent away to safer areas while those left behind settled into a surreal normality.

As bombs rained down, the wailing of sirens, barrage balloons, the boom of anti-aircraft guns, endless nights in the air-raid shelters, blackouts, and dealing with tragedy became a way of life. Adding to the hardship were food shortages and the constant worry about loved ones away fighting at the front.

But the war also produced an extraordinary sense of togetherness and revealed an unbreakable spirit in the face of adversity. women worked on farms and kept the factories producing goods for the war effort and everyone it seemed was digging or knitting for victory and making do and mending while the Home Guard and ARP units battled manfully to protect us.

This unique DVD combines wartime newsreels, archive film and photographs to tell the fascinating story of a county at war.

It shows the measures Yorkshire took to defend itself, the destruction it suffered at the hands of the Lufwaffe and also the remarkable courage and determination of the people to survive and fight back.

This is the moving story of the ordinary people who fought the war on the home front and a celebration of the spirit of those who endured rationing, air raid, evacuation and tragedy to emerge united and victorious.

Running time 60 mins approx.