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Warrington off the beaten track


Since it was made a new town in 1968 Warrington has spread far beyond its old boundaries. Sprawling suburbs now extend in all directions and in many parts of the borough farms have become housing estates and villages have been consumed. But if we wander off the beaten track we can still find tantalising remnants of an older landscape: The Sankey Valley, the New Cut Trail, Culcheth Linear Park, Risley Moss, Rixton Clay Pits, the Penny Ferry at Thelwall, Fiddler’s Ferry at Penketh, the Bridgewater Canal, Lymm Dam, and the Woolston Eyes, and more formal sites like Victoria Park, Bank Park, and Woolston Park, all have their own place in Warrington’s past, and also play an important role in modern Warrington.

In this new DVD we explore the fascinating history of these sites and the wonderful legacy they have become for today’s residents of Warrington and for future generations. But that’s not all; with exclusive aerial footage we also have the opportunity to see these special places from a completely new perspective. So join us on this search for Warrington’s wild side as we go off the beaten track and see Warrington as you’ve never seen it before.
To watch a trailer from the DVD visit our film archive page.