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Bolton The Way We Were


The DVD presents a fascinating look back at life in bygone Bolton. It recalls many of the important changes that have taken place in the town’s recent past, including, the coming of the railway; the opening of the electric tramway; and the impact of the motor-car age. It also looks into the origins of some of the town’s old traditions, such as Wakes Week and the Whitsuntide Walks, and recalls Saturday afternoons at Burnden Park watching the Wanderers.

On the darker side of life in old Bolton the DVD remembers the Pretoria Pit and the Burnden Park disasters; the conditions in the town’s Victorian slums; the sad tale of Samuel Crompton and his lasting legacy; and relives the town’s experiences in the first and second world wars.

The DVD uses a combination of old cine film footage and old photographs which show many scenes of the town that are now consigned to history and will bring memories flooding back for those who remember old Bolton.