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Bolton The Way We Were (DVD)

Archive film and photographs combine to present a fascinating look back at life in bygone Bolton. It recalls many of the important changes that have taken place in the town’s recent past, including, the coming of the railway; the opening of the electric tramway; and the impact of the motor-car age.

On the darker side of life in old Bolton the DVD remembers the Pretoria Pit and the Burnden Park disasters; the conditions in the town’s Victorian slums; and relives the town’s experiences in two world wars.

Looking back at Bolton (DVD)

Looking Back at Bolton takes us back to the very origins of Bolton and follows its growth through the centuries. It recalls the days when the first church was built overlooking the river Croal;  when passenger boats plied the canal from Bolton to Manchester and when Barrow Bridge was hailed as a model village.

The DVD also looks into the darker side of Bolton’s history including Civil War battle that ended in the Bolton Massacre; and the Winter Hill plane crash.

We also discover how Jannock Bread became a staple of the Bolton diet; why Bolton Council were once known as the Forty Thieves; and why criminals convicted in Great Bolton could find sanctuary in Little Bolton;

Bolton Through Time (Paperback)

Spinning cotton was the reason for Bolton’s rapid expansion during the Industrial Revolution and the 19th century brought both prosperity and poverty. The 20th century saw the town coming to terms with this growth and the inevitable changes that followed.

Bolton Through Time provides a pictorial record of some of these changes, comparing historic photographs with their modern counterparts. Readers will see how the modern borough compares with its former self – less industrialised and hard edged perhaps, but altogether a greener and more sanitary place.

This collection is a ‘must have’ for all those interested in Bolton’s fascinating history.