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Warwick & Leamington The Way We were


Newsreel footage recalls the events that shaped the 20th century and archive film and photographs paint a fascinating picture of life in Warwick and Leamington from the 1920s to the 1960s

Revisit the days when trams rattled along the road between Warwick and Leamington, when wealthy folk flocked to Leamington to take the waters but the working classes were banned from the Pump House Gardens.

With the help of old cine film we capture the atmosphere of the 1920’s Mop Fair in Warwick and delve into its ancient origins.

Unique archive film tells the story of life on the Home Front in World War 2 and the impact of the war on Leamington and Warwick.

The 1950s brought a new optimism after the austerity of the war years. Local boy Randolph Turpin lifted the spirits when he won the World Middleweight boxing title and instantly became a hero in his home town. A new queen was crowned and the ceremony was televised for the first time. Many people bought their first TV set to watch the event and neighbours crowded into front rooms to gaze in fascination at the flickering images. Lots of people also bought their first car in the 1950s and the boom in car ownership began to cause problems in Warwick and Leamington.

The swinging 60s gave us the Beatles, a World Cup win and a man on the moon and also brought some major changes back home. By now, some of our older residential areas like Leamington’s Covent Garden, Market and Smith Street in Warwick were rundown and overcrowded and the residents were moved out to new estates. While the new homes had all mod-cons many people missed the strong community spirit of the old neighbourhoods. We take a look back at life in the old terraced streets that are remembered so fondly.

This unique DVD will bring memories flooding back.

This is nostalgia at its best.