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The Way We Were in the 1960s DVD

It was a decade that defined a generation and now, with newsreels, archive film, and the unforgettable sounds of the 60s, we can take a nostalgic look back at the high and lows of an era that changed Britain forever.

The end of conscription, the Beatles, Radio Caroline, Mods, Green Shield Stamps, Traffic Wardens, Hippies, the Moors Murders, the Aberfan disaster, mini skirts and mini cars, Concorde, and England’s World Cup victory, all belong to the Swinging 60s and are all remembered in this trip down Memory Lane.

A 1960s Childhood – from Thunderbirds to Beatlemania (Paperback)

Take a nostalgic look back at life in the 60s.

Do you remember Beatlemania? Radio Caroline? Mods and Rockers? The very first miniskirts? Then the chances are you were born in or around the 1960s. To the young people of today, the 1960s seems like another age. But for those who grew up in this decade, school life, ‘mod’ fashions and sixties pop music are still fresh in their minds.

This book presents the perfect opportunity to revisit your 1960s childhood. 224 pages.



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