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Southampton double DVD offer


Southampton The Way We Were

With a fascinating combination of old film of Southampton and news stories from the archives of the Daily Echo, this superb DVD takes a nostalgic look back at a century of local life.

Re-live the days of the great trans-Atlantic liners; the sinking of the Titanic and its devastating effect on Southampton; crowds out on the streets to greet royalty to town; the opening of the Civic Centre; Southampton’s destruction by German bombs in the Second World War and the major role it played in ultimate victory; the last days of the floating bridges and the electric trams.

This entertaining trip down Memory Lane is further enhanced by a selection of local songs from ‘Southampton in Song’.

Running time 58 minutes.

The Southampton Story

The Southampton Story takes us back almost 1200 years to the very birth of the town and follows its evolution up to the present time. It looks at the physical changes that have shaped Southampton over the centuries, from the construction of the town walls to the development of West Quay, and also looks back at the outstanding events in the city’s history, including; its sacking by pirates in the 14th century; its role in the English Civil War; the sinking of the Titanic; and the impact of two world wars.
The DVD also reveals many hidden stories from Southampton’s past, for example; why the Cowherd’s pub is a relic of days when locals grazed cattle on the Common; how a Southampton man became one of America’s founding fathers; why a pint too many saved the lives of three brothers; and why the Saints early football matches were interrupted by pedestrians.

The DVD is narrated by award winning actor Howard Ellison and the running time is approximately 50 minutes.