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Malvern The Way We Were


Malvern The Way We Were presents an entertaining look back at two centuries in the life and times of Malvern and its inhabitants.

It covers the period from from the mid 1700s, when the wider world was becoming aware of Malvern’s delights, to 1945, when Malvern was celebrating the end of the World War 2 and it’s residents were just discovering the top-secret, but crucial role their little town had played in the ultimate victory.

The heyday of the stagecoach era; the advent of the water treatment; the coming of the railway; Great Malvern’s growth from a run down village to a fashionable small town; the birth of the area’s motor industry, and the effect of two World Wars are all part of this remarkable story.

This extraordinary period in Malvern’s past is brought to life with a wonderful collection of old pictures and archive cine-film, while stories from historic copies of the Malvern News and the Gazette provide first-hand accounts of events as they happened, and also a fascinating insight into everyday life in Malvern in times gone by.