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Gloucester The Way We Were


This superb DVD takes a nostalgic look back at the 20th century. It paints a fascinating picture of life in Gloucester in times gone by and reminds us just how much things have changed.

In the 1930s, Gloucester was still a busy port and unique footage captures the scene beautifully. The comings and goings of working boats, grand commercial warehouses, timber yards and barges on the ship canal paint a very different picture to the smart leisure area of today.

Also in Gloucester we see remarkable film of the 1947 floods and take a tour of the city centre later in the same year. Some of the scenes will still be familiar today while others have changed dramatically.

Among the other intriguing films in this fascinating compilation we see Barton Fair in the 1940s, the Queens visit to Gloucester in 1955, cheese-rolling on Coopers Hill, and the problems of traffic congestion in the 1960s.

These evocative old films will bring memories flooding back for those who remember those times and intrigue those who don’t. A lively informative commentary accompanies the archive film.