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Dad’s Army – The true story


Ever since the first episode of Dad’s Army was screened in 1968, the antics of Captain Mainwaring and his hapless platoon have kept us entertained: But how close is the BBC’s popular sitcom to reality? While there’s no doubt that some of the real life exploits of the Home Guard often descended into farce, there was another side to Britain’s civilian army that might come as a surprise. As this new DVD reveals, there were also tales of remarkable heroism, self-sacrifice, intrigue and extraordinary bravery.

Winston Churchill was convinced of the value of the Home Guard to the defence of our nation;

“Such a force is of the highest value and importance. A country where every street and every village bristles with resolute, armed men is a country against which the tactics that destroyed the Dutch will not succeed. A country so defended will not be liable to be overthrown.” (Winston Churchill, August 1940)

With the help of archive film, newsreels and contemporary accounts we can now discover the fascinating true story of Britain’s Dad’s Army