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1940s DVD and Book Offer



The Way We Were in the 1940s DVD

A unique collection of archive films of life in Britain in the 1940s.

They include a fascinating insight into:

  • The lives of women and children during the war.
  • Extraordinary footage of the VE Day celebrations.
  • Building pre-fabs.
  • A day on the beat with a British bobby.
  • The birth of the NHS.
  • Village life in post-war Britain.

These stories provide a sentimental view of life in Britain in the late 1940s that should never be forgotten.

A 1940s Childhood – From Bomb Sites to Childrens Hour (Paperback)

The 1940s was a decade of great challenge for everyone who lived through it. Britain’s towns and cities were being bombed on an almost nightly basis, and many children faced the trauma of being parted from their parents and sent away to the country to live with complete strangers and food and clothing shortages became a way of life.

But the simplicity of kids shone – from collecting bits of shot-down German aircraft to playing in bomb-strewn streets, kids made their own fun. Then there was the joy of the second half of the 1940s, when fathers came home and the magic of ‘normal life’ returned.

This trip down memory lane will take you through the most experiences of growing up in the 1940s. 224 pages.

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