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‘The Way We Were in the 1970s’ DVD


The 1970s is often remembered as a decade of upheaval in Britain. We put up with strikes, petrol shortages, and shivered through a Winter of Discontent; we joined the Common Market, then held a referendum of whether or not to stay; we ditched pounds , shillings and pence in favour of decimal currency; and we elected our first woman Prime Minister.

On a personal level, we began to swap Blackpool and Bognor for Malta and Majorca; sheets and blankets for continental quilts; we embraced Punk Rock and Glam Rock; we wore flairs and platform soles; we were Skinheads, Hells Angels, or whoever else took our fancy.

Yes the 70’s were divisive, tough at times, exciting at others, and sometimes downright frustrating, but they definitely weren’t dull.

So join us on this journey through time as we look back at the way we were in the 1970s.

Running time 53 mins approx.