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Nottingham The Way We Were


The 20th century saw the way we live change dramatically.

The tin bath in front of the fire, dirty old oil lamps, horses and carts and deliveries by the coal man were all consigned to history. It was also the first full century to be covered in detail by the Nottingham Evening Post and the first to be captured on film.

This remarkable DVD, combines archive film of a host of local events and aspects of local life with the corresponding reports from the Evening Post to present an absolutely fascinating view of life in Nottingham from the early 1900’s to the 1970’s.

Just some of the events covered are the return from the first World War of the Robin Hood Regiment, various royal visits starting with the Prince of Wales in 1923 up to the visit of the Queen in 1968, the last Goose Fair to be held in Market square in 1928, fun on the Trent in the 1930s, war on the Home Front, the building of the new Clifton Bridge and Nottingham Forests tour of the city with the FA Cup in 1959.