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Dundee The Way We Were


This fascinating journey though time combines old photos, cine film, modern footage, and stories from the archives of the Dundee Courier and the Evening Telegraph, to present a nostalgic look back at bygone Dundee.

Covering the period from the 1830’s to the 1960’s, it shows many of the changes that have taken place in that time and recalls significant events in the city’s past such as the coming of the railway, the collapse of the Tay Rail Bridge, the growth of the jute industry, the sacrifice of Dundee’s Own in WW1, the unveiling of Dundee War Memorial, the opening of the Tay Road Bridge, and the last days of the Fifie.

It also takes a unique glimpse into many aspects of life in the city in times gone by, including the excited scenes at the docks when the whaling fleet set sail, the curious tale of the Tay whale, the launch of the Discovery, and the measures Dundee took to defend itself in WW2.

Last but not least the DVD uncovers many aspects of Dundee s hidden past. Find out why Broughty Ferry was once known as ‘the richest square mile in Europe’, how Winston Churchill upset the women of Dundee, how Hitler’s granny many have saved the city, and why its VE Day celebrations got off to a chaotic start.

Dundee The Way We Were is produced exclusively for the Evening Telegraph and is narrated by Diane Brooks Webster.