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Coventry The Way We Were

This remarkable DVD combines archive film of a host of local events and images of many aspects of local life with the corresponding reports from the Evening Telegraph. It brings the city of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s back to life and is guaranteed to bring memories flooding back for those that lived through them, and intrigue those that didn’t.

Among the films included are:
Fascinating scenes from the early 1900s, war time scenes including remarkable film of the aftermath of the blitz, and morale boosting visits by George VI and Winston Churchill.
Coventrys post war resurrection showing the rebuilding of the city centre, the new cathedral and the ring road.
Jaguar’s rise to become one of the best known car makers in the world and the subsequent decline of the motor industry.

We also see many unique scenes of ordinary Coventry folk going about their daily lives, unaware that they were to become a part of the city’s history.

The Story of Coventry’s Villages

Coventry’s suburbs were once independent rural communities with their own district identities, but the relentless spread of the city has turned country lanes into suburban streets and sprawling farms into housing estates.

This superb DVD combines archive photos, historic maps, modern footage, exclusive aerial film and a lively commentary to delve into the history of Coventry’s villages and paint a fascinating picture of life there in times gone by.