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The River Stour – from Source to Severn


Take a journey down one of the Midland’s most underestimated rivers and discover a hidden world as we explore the Stour and the places that have grown up along its banks, with more than a few surprises in store.

Our journey starts in the Clent Hills with some grisly goings-on, then leads us to some empty fish ponds at long abandoned Halesowen Abbey. A gravestone in Halesowen churchyard takes us to a rural poem in the Leasowes and then on to Haden Hall’s delightfully landscaped estate where all is not what it seems.

At Cradley we visit an old chain shop, then journey through Lye to Stourbridge to hear why the town is commemorated in America, and why it became the centre of glass making.

Kinver next, and a visit to some sandstone caves that were inhabited until the 1950’s. In Wolverley we hear the strange tale of Sir John Attwood and a heavenly swan.

In Kidderminster we find out why locals used to pelt each other with cabbage stalks and hear of some unusual industrial espionage in the carpet trade.

Finally the Stour leads us to Stourport where we find out how this once tiny hamlet grew into a major inland port.

All this and more is captured in this unique video. A fascinating journey through time.