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Crewe The Way We Were


This new DVD takes a fascinating look back at 250 years of life in Crewe.
The story begins in the 18th century, when the rural parish of Coppenhall was noted only for its cheese. It then follows Coppenhall’s transformation into a major hub of the Victorian rail network, and shows how the town of Crewe grew from a small colony of railway workers into a thriving borough.

This highly entertaining journey through time is produced exclusively for the Crewe Guardian and is narrated by award winning actor, Howard Ellison.

The running time is approximately 50 minutes.
To see an excerpt from the DVD go to ‘Film Archives’

Included with ‘Crewe The Way We Were’ is a free bonus film ‘The Way We Were in the 1950s’, which takes a nostalgic look back at life in 1950s Britain.

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